Art+Architecture: Intelligent Urbanism


Explore architecture and sustainability with designer Anayansi Ricketts.

Cities are growing at exponential speeds; but are our cities built to last? Sustainable developers think not. In this workshop participants will explore what it means to develop a green city. Using examples from around the world, workshop participants will learn about: smart growth, traditional v. sustainable neighborhood design, green space development, walkable neighborhoods and other aspects of Intelligent Urbanism. With this knowledge, participants will sketch and model their visions of a sustainable neighborhood.

Trained in sustainable architecture, engineering and design, Ricketts has worked with groups such as: Habitat for Humanity, The Sierra Club, The Audubon Society, The Green Development Group, Chicago’s Green Homes Program and the Chicago Architectural Foundation on sustainable architectural and environmental projects. Ricketts teaches sustainability, design and product development workshops which allow people to gain an understanding of the global sustainability initiative. Ricketts helps ecologically minded groups and people build, design and think in environmentally conscious ways.

Art + Architecture workshops are made possibly by the generous support of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.