An Immediate End to the Murder of Black People: BPP 10 Point Film Program (7)

We Want An Immediate End To Police Brutality And Murder Of Black People.

Arts Bank Cinema is proud to present the BPP Ten Point Program Film Series, hosted the first Saturday of each month in partnership with members of the IL Chapter of the Black Panther Party. Each month’s program will use cinema and dialogue to explore one point of the Black Panther Party’s ten point platform. Facilitated community discussions centering activism, resistance, and the ongoing struggle will be held following the films. For June, we explore point seven, about police brutality, through the following titles:

Riot-Control Weapons (Newsreel #9) 6m A visual presentation of some of the weapons that the police were using in uprisings around the country in the late 60s.

Black and Blue 1987 58m A powerful mix of archival material, news clips and documentary footage chronicles impassioned community response to decades of deadly force against people of color by members of the Philadelphia police force. Community leaders, politicians, police officers, survivors of police brutality and sympathizers unravel a pattern of biased violent police behavior from the tenure of Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo to the bombing of Osage Avenue. This documentary is a testimony to long-standing tensions between police and people of color in communities throughout the United States.

The End of the Nightstick 1994 45m This startling expose unravels a history of abuse of suspects by the Chicago police. For more than a decade, the press and authorities turned a blind eye to allegations of torture — including the use of electric shocks — until persistent grass roots organizations exerted enough pressure to prompt an official investigation, and eventually the dismissal of a ranking police commander, Jon Burge