American Revolution II


American Revolution II begins by documenting the explosive confrontations between the Chicago police and protestors during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The filmmakers then move from these clashes to a nuanced, compelling, and very timely examination of the unlikely relationship that was developing between the Black Power movement in Chicago and the Young Patriots—a group of impoverished, primarily white residents of the Uptown neighborhood who were beginning to organize around issues of social mobility, police brutality, and income inequity. American Revolution 2 is the most recent preservation project of the Chicago Film Archives and was made possible with the generous support of the National Film Preservation Foundation and Rebuild Foundation.

Stick around for an exclusive panel discussion and Q&A with activists: Hy Thurman (Young Patriots), Henry Gaddis (Chicago Black Panthers) and other panelists about the film, activism in Chicago and related topics.

This screening is presented in collaboration with Chicago Film Archives.

Chicago Film Archives is a regional film archive dedicated to identifying, collecting, preserving and providing access to films that represent the Midwest. Our purpose is to serve institutions and filmmakers of this region and elsewhere by establishing a repository for institutional and private film collections; serve a variety of cultural, academic and artistic communities by making the films available locally, nationally, and internationally for exhibition, research, and production; and serve our culture by restoring and preserving films that are rare or not in existence elsewhere.

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