Community Offerings

These are unprecedented times, and our community of neighbors, friends, artists, and creatives are all impacted. The temporary closure of Rebuild Foundation’s sites is devastating for us, as we know they are spaces of creative expression, spiritual refuge, joy, and solace for so many.

It is with this in mind that we dedicate this virtual space, may the content offered here by our artists and friends be of some comfort, and tide you over until we may be together again.

Sunday Service by Soundrotation

Resident DJ Duane Powell is keeping our spirits fed, even while we’re apart.

A little Sunday afternoon mix I uploaded to help you relax and groove during this “down time”. Just a cool mix of jazzy broken beat and soul. Songs from Chaka Khan, Frankie Knuckles, Kaidi Tatham, Incognito, Reel People and more.

This mix is designed with “church” and spiritual freedom in mind but not in the traditional sense. It’s created from the idea and energy felt in the safe and sacred spaces we as black bodied individuals come to congregate and release. For us in the house community, it’s the dance floor and so many us have found a DJs that has served as “pastor” leading his congregation. You’ll find uplifting songs from Fertile Ground, Black Motion, Nina Simone, Josh Milan, Larry Heard etc that’ll make you clap your hands, sing, dance and shout.”

Soul Healing Satsang with Stacy Patrice

Rebuild Foundation Instagram live stream, Sundays, 1PM

A satsang is a convening in the yogic tradition where we consciously gather to align with goodness.  Healing Artist & Soul Healer Stacy Patrice will offer a weekly online series called Soul Healing Satsang. In this series, Stacy continues her in-person tradition of joining with the community weekly to tend to the ‘back office’ of their lives feeding their creativity, clarity, consciousness and healing by offering a low resource, high impact, creative cultural engagement online. 

This resource will tide us over with a focus on ‘everyday immunity’, offering less explored wisdom therapy, ancient healing practices and recommended personal health rituals to engage us collectively and help sustain us mentally, emotionally and socially during this period of incubation. This series supports artists and the creatively inclined to reinstate safety, security and togetherness that reminds us of the abundance we still have access to at home. 

How can we cultivate deeper, generative self love during this time?
Stacy shares three breathwork exercises and tips for incorporating into your daily routine.
On Easter Sunday, Stacy led us through a creative exercise to uncover the creator within each of us. This Satsang ended with a guided meditation, watch with a pen and paper.
April 5th Soul Healing Satsangs, On Empowering Purpose.
Stacy’s thoughts on connection and creativity in isolation, March 29, 2020.
On Meditation and Sanctuary, Soul Healing Satsang, March 29, 2020
Final thoughts and breathing exercise, Soul Healing Satsang, March 29, 2020
Check out the first satsang held on Black Divinity Day – March 22, 2020