Black Cinema House at the Bank

To close the year out strong, and to get ready for another exciting year for BCH, we have been invited to join the other fantastic programming happening at Stony Island Arts Bank. For the foreseeable future, Black Cinema House will be headquartered at Stony Island and 68th Street.

As a library and a gallery, the Bank has become a home for black art. As a free and open space in South Shore, the Bank has become a home for black minds and black imaginations. In just one short year (not to mention the years of preparation) Theaster Gates and the amazing staff of the Bank were able to activate an impressive archive through exciting and creative programming. We are excited to join this space, to both contribute to this wonderful celebration of black lives through cinema, and to also earn our own rewards from taking part in such an open and creative space. With this move, our programming will continue to search for ways to invigorate the study of black film, whether by providing a screen for independent artists to share their exciting perspectives, or by providing the tools and guidance for young creatives to make films of their own.

Starting now, you can walk into the Bank during any of its open hours and find a film playing on the second floor, pulled from the BCH archive. These free, daily screenings will expose guests to classics of black cinema as well as exciting new work by emerging artists. What good is a film that’s never seen? With these screenings we hope to ensure that our archive stays active.

Of course, Black Cinema House will not be confined to the Bank space. BCH events will continue to pop up at venues around the neighborhood and across the South Side as we continue collaborate with local artists and partner with community organizations. Just remember that even when there isn’t an event on the calendar, you are sure to find some interesting new film over at the Arts Bank. What’s perhaps most exciting about BCH @ SIAB, is that there’s no telling the ways that images on the screen will begin to interact with the books on the shelf or the art on the walls. We are excited to find out.