Black Cinema House : Recipient of Art Place Grant for creative place making

6901 s dorchester
6901 s dorchester

We recently received a Creative Placemaking grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to activate a formerly abandoned building with cultural programming, public gatherings, and residency exchange. This house is located on the same block as other Dorchester spaces and will become a screening center for films reflecting cultural themes in the Black Diaspora, and films made by artists of color. A film artist in residence will assist in curating films shown at the Black Cinema House and will help develop a new platform for local engagement, training opportunities in the arts, and foster deeper relationships with our neighbors, the greater community, and the City of Chicago. While much of the programming of Black Cinema House will happen at 6901 S. Dorchester, we will also extend programming to other spaces on the south side; people’s homes, formal presentation and performance spaces, churches, and schools. The creation of Black Cinema House will enrich the growing cultural landscape of our community and will give our neighbors another cultural arts destination.

Follow the Black Cinema House progress and other amazing art happenings via ArtPlace.


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