Manufacturing ‘Soul’

Soul Food Pavilion and Soul Manufacturing CorporationCeremonial soul food wares are being handcrafted by visiting Japanese potters at Theaster’s studio in the west Loop. International artists in residence, Master potter Kouichi Ohara and his two assistants, Haruku Komatsu and Yoko Matsumoto, are making ceramic wares that will be used for ‘soul food’ dinners as part of Smart Museum’s upcoming program, Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art. The potters are slated to make nearly 4,000 objects, some of which will be used for museum exhibition. The work that the potters have done thus far, and the new connections that we are fostering enables us to think about how we can grow the work to include opportunities for many people and celebrate our similar cultures and traditions. Whether it’s making pots or building benches, manufacturing ‘Soul’ is a work akin to nearly every artist. We’re excited about the stories that these vessels will tell in the future.

Over the last 2 years, Soul Manufacturing Corporation (SMC) has grown into a multi-city initiative that originated in Chicago. We started SMC as a way to engage the design community to work in under-resourced communities and to use ceramic and furniture design as a way of generating new revenue and new small business opportunities in Chicago, Detroit and Omaha, at present.

potters studio
potters studio

Japanese potter’s production studio 


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