Design Build and Design Workshop

The Chicago South Shore’s finest young apprentices, Nick and Daniel, got a crash course in design drawing in a day-long workshop.

After spending time outside measuring and looking at the existing containers in the garden, we analyzed the different connections that could be made for a wooden box planter. We weighed aesthetics and functionality in mitered corners, butt joints, and insetting or offsetting.

We each then produced a set of construction drawings, a cut list, and went outside to pick through the leftover salvage wood.

Nick went with a pinwheel design where each side overlapped the next to create a series of butt joints and some nice movement around the object. Daniel created a design for a box that had the short sides inset from the long sides so that some facades of the box were clean and seamless.

The twist at the end of the day was that we were going to switch drawings and build each other’s boxes so that the drawings had to be absolutely clear and legible.

Haha! Gotcha!




Andy and I have been working on the exterior ante-room, one of the most utilized semi-public spaces in front of 6916 and the first place all visitors and residents see upon entering Dorchester Projects.

The design was conceived by myself and John Preus, framing by Andy and apprentices, the cladding is warehouse flooring (same as back deck) executed by Andy and myself.

See post on the Exterior Ante-Room for more images and information.



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