2019 Recap: Black Divinity Meditation Day

Guest-written by Stacy Patrice, Rebuild Foundation’s wellness artist in residence

Black Divinity Meditation Day is a global holiday we celebrated locally here in Chicago on April 6, 2019. The vision I had for this celebration was spawned from the Soul Healing Yoga program. I guide our yogis weekly to meditate before every practice and also encourage them to view meditation as a complete practice on its own. These emphases aligned well when I brought the vision to Julie that we would participate in Black Divinity Meditation Day by inviting Black meditators to fill the entire first floor of the Stony Island Arts Bank on Chicago’s Southside in solidarity for an hour on a Saturday morning. It was a huge success, with over one hundred multigenerational meditators in attendance and many first time meditators that challenged themselves to just do it. The written feedback I received was filled with overwhelming gratitude that this opportunity was provided for free in our community, our neighborhoods. 

Meditators recounted their experiences as ranging from simple realization of the necessity of silence at the start of a busy day, taking the time to release anxieties of perfections and unworthiness and feel the truth and power of their divinity, to reports of a deeper awareness of another dimension of reality in which the external voices that bombard the meditator were silenced long enough for them to discover that everything was, in fact, alright in their existence.

This was a truly honorable and historic activation for me. My main takeaway is that it’s important to take the time to #healyoursoul and that all the ways in which my work is shared as a community-centric healing art are worthy and valid in the eyes of my people. I am grateful for the help and support of Rebuild Foundation to help mobilize these visions and look forward to BDMD 2020!

Stacy teaches soul-healing yoga classes incorporating creative expression, meditation, and wellness practices twice weekly at Dorchester Art and Housing Collaborative.

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