Rebuild Foundation Community Cataloguing Workship

Since July 1st, Rebuild Foundation staff and neighborhood volunteers have been meeting every Wednesday and Saturday at Black Cinema House from 10am to noon, to catalogue the Johnson Publishing Company library. During this workshop series, there have been diverse activities for those who have come join and help with the organization of the books. Volunteers have gone on collection site visits to Rebuild’s Archive and Listening Houses, attended a lecture by a professional archivist, and had the opportunity to access this collection before it is moved to its permanent home, the Stony Island Arts Bank.

On Wednesday, July 8th, Skyla Hearn, a professional archivist, gave a presentation about cataloguing possibilities for different types of archival collections. During the presentation, Hearn explained the role of an archivist, showed how to catalogue our personal archives and the variety of ways there are to do so. She guided us on how the collection could be used once it is moved to the Arts Bank and the access neighbors could have to the Johnson Publishing Library books as part of our community engagement program. The workshop concluded with all attendees sharing ideas for cataloguing their own unique archives.

The community cataloguing workshops will continue until July 25th from 10am until noon, ending with a celebration until 2pm with cake and champagne toast. Rebuild Foundation invites everyone who pleases to help during the last day of the cataloguing workshop series and have the opportunity to handle the collection before it is moved to the Arts Bank for the unveiling of the building on October 3rd of this year.

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