Rebuild Garden at 1415

This past weekend, Rebuild Saint Louis built its first container vegetable garden at 1415 Mallinckrodt, the site of our future pottery studio and administrative office.  The side yard at 1415, a grassy patch occupied by a forlorn-looking rose bush became the site of our gardening experiment.

A simple wooden box frame constructed from two 2 x 12s sawed in half.  Soil and mulch came from the city’s free soil and mulch program.  Since it’s a bit late to start a garden, we stuck with fast growing, late summer producing plants:  Herbs, Tomatoes, and lettuce.

Stay tuned for updates!  It’s only been a few days since we planted seeds and already the dill is sprouting new leaves and the arugula and mesclun seeds are coming through. We plan on building two more garden boxes.


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