Black Cinema House


Located at 6901 S. Dorchester Avenue, Chicago, Black Cinema House hosts screenings and discussions of underseen works by film and video makers of the African and other diasporas in the historically underserved neighborhood of Grand Crossing in particular and the South Side of Chicago in general. Video classes and workshops provide area youth with the skills to make their own films and tell their own stories.

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Photos 1-2 by James Toftness; 3-4 by Sara Pooley

Dorchester Projects


Consisting of an enclave of rehabilitated buildings on the 6900 block of South Dorchester, Chicago, Dorchester Projects is home to Rebuild Foundation’s first foray into public programming. Offering multi-generational community programming ranging from youth art-making activities and community service days to backyard gardening and communal neighborhood dinners, Dorchester Projects is comprised of three program spaces, The Listening House, The Archive House, and Black Cinema House.

Photos 1-4 by Sara Pooley; 5-6 by William Holman; 7 by James Toftness 

Dorchester Artist Housing Collaborative


Located at 1450 East 70th Street, a few blocks from Dorchester Projects, the Dorchester Artist Housing Collaborative will transform an unused housing project into a place for arts creation, performance, education and display, along with mixed income housing and community gathering space. A collaboration with the Chicago Housing Authority, Brinshore Development, and Rebuild Foundation, Dorchester Artist Housing Collaborative is a 36-unit housing complex centered around an arts and culture center. A shining example of what REBUILD does best: transform unused buildings into thriving hubs of cultural activity within communities lacking arts and cultural programming, the residential space will include a mix of artist housing, market rate units and affordable housing units and an active presentation of arts and cultural programming for residents of the Collaborative and the ambient neighborhood.

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Photos by Eric Allix Rogers; Rendering and plans by Landon Bone Baker


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