Black Cinema House


Located at 7200 S. Kimbark Avenue, Chicago, Black Cinema House hosts screenings and discussions of underseen works by film and video makers of the African and other diasporas in the historically underserved neighborhood of Grand Crossing in particular and the South Side of Chicago in general. Video classes and workshops provide area youth with the skills to make their own films and tell their own stories.

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Photos by Sara Pooley

Dorchester Projects


Consisting of an enclave of rehabilitated buildings on the 6900 block of South Dorchester, Chicago, Dorchester Projects is home to Rebuild Foundation’s first foray into public programming. Offering multi-generational community programming ranging from youth art-making activities and community service days to backyard gardening and communal neighborhood dinners, Dorchester Projects is comprised of three program spaces, The Listening House, The Archive House, and Black Cinema House.

Photos 1-4 by Sara Pooley; 5 by William Holman; 6 by Zena Edwards

Dorchester Art+Housing Collaborative


Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative is a unique opportunity to live in a mixed-income artist community. Rebuild Foundation, in collaboration with Brinshore Development and Landon Bone Baker Architects, is transforming 32 two- and three-bedroom townhouses. An exciting component of the rental community is the Art Center, opening early 2015, which will be a performing arts space. Located on South 70th Street between Dante and Harper, Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative is in close proximity to Rebuild Foundation and Dorchester Projects.

We are excited about this new community-building project focused on artists. Artists, arts professionals, and creatives receive preference and are selected by the Artist Selection Committee. Rebuild Foundation believes in collaboration, and this is important to the collaborative. Resident artists will collaborate with their neighbors and with Rebuild Foundation. Interested artists should be willing to give back to the community by teaching workshops and classes or creatively sharing their skills.

Construction is almost complete and apartments are currently available. Rents are affordable. Don’t miss an opportunity to be part of this innovative collaborative. For more information or to apply, please contact Leasing and Management Company at 773-324-2270.

Download the DA+HC Art Center Usage Research Study

Photos by Sara Pooley; Rendering and plans by Landon Bone Baker

Dorchester Community Garden

Since Spring 2014, Rebuild Foundation has partnered with the South Shore Fine Arts Academy community, as well as neighbors, artists, and volunteers to transform a lot at the corner of South Dorchester Avenue & South 70th Street into a thriving community garden. Vacant for decades, the site is now home to Dorchester Community Garden—where over 60 varieties of edible plants are grown, harvested, and distributed communally and neighbors all of ages gather for informal conversation and activities. 

Thanks to an outdoor classroom structure and picnic table designed and constructed by Norman Teague in collaboration with our Dorchester and SSFAA neighbors, the garden also serves as an educational site and a place to foster quality time with each other whether gardening or not.

Photo 1 by Kenzo Esquivel; Photos 2, 5, 6 by Sara Pooley; Photo 3 by Michael Slaboch; Photo 4 by Penny Duff; Photo 7 by Hollie Day

Several of our youngest neighbors filmed the August 16 2014 Placemaking Day using cameras and iPads. Their footage was used to create this video documentation of the day.

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